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10 Bookish Gifts to Add to Your List!

Hey, my morally gray besties! I wanted to bring you the perfect shopping guide for all the book lovers in your life. It can be hard to buy a book lover a gift, they have an endless TBR and have probably told you about 1000 books they wanted this year alone and it can be hard to keep up! Here is a list of unique gifts for any type of book lover! I am also trying to support small businesses with this post so a lot of all of these recs are from small websites/Etsy brands. I am not affiliated or promoted by any of these shops. Remember to share this list to start dropping hints!

1. A book you love you think they might love.

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If you are also a book lover this can be perfect and more personal. If there’s a book you think they’ll like, this is the perfect time to give it to them. This is the perfect for them to finally get to the book they always promise you they’ll read. I would also suggest writing why you gifted it to them on the inside! Personal notes make these gifts that much more special than other books in their collection.

2. A Book Embosser

These personalized book embossers are the perfect gift for anyone forming a small library in their house. These will leave beautiful and personalized imprinting on their books. I received one of these last Christmas and love it! I ran home and marked all of my books. Now mine sits on my shelf ready for any new books to add to my collection. This gift is best for your book hoarding friends who are more likely to lose an appendage than one of their treasured books. This is one from MonicaGiftFinds.

3. Thumb rest/ Page holder

These are new to me and I am dying to get my hands on one! I saw these a few months back on TikTok and I am obsessed with this idea. There have been countless nights where I wanted to read lying in bed but having to hold the book so awkwardly I usually ended up losing my page and my sanity. Trust me, dropping a book on your face is much worse than dropping your phone. These help you hold the pages up using your thumb. That way you can read upside down with one hand and avoid the uncomfortable grip! This one from pourdecizionz is ACOTAR themed and I’m in love!

4. Bookish Pop! figures

This one is a bit on the pricey side, but these are amazing! These are great shelf decorators or additions to ongoing collections. Plus, anything that brings a beloved fictional character to life is a win in my book. This one can also be a bit difficult if you don’t know their favorite character, but if you do they will treasure this forever. If you plan on getting one, I would suggest picking them up ASAP since they tend to be in very limited stock in most shops. These ones from The Scripted Letter Co are really stunning!

5. Bookish Candles

What book lover doesn’t love candles? I think there is a genetic connection between candle collecting and book hoarding science has yet to explain. The smell of a good seasonal candle and a book is any book lover’s perfect lazy day. These candles inspired by different book characters will not only look great with the rest of the book memorabilia but will also bring the smell of your favorite book to life. Plus, the jars are beautiful and can be repurposed once the candles are burned out! BriarWick and A Court of Candles have a lot of different book options and have the most beautiful jars. These ones from FrostBeard have more general scents like old book smell and bookstore smell.

6. Bookish clothing

People love showing off their bookish pride by wearing book-inspired clothing pieces. These can be a great way to make the dreaded squishy I-know-this-isn’t-a-toy wrapping paper a bit more fun! You can buy clothes that have a general bookish vibe, or fit into a specific fandom. BookishStuff tends to do a lot of ACOTAR stuff, but it’s super high quality and fits amazing. SeamsToBeShirts also offers some more general bookish shirts. Another great site is The Bookish Shop, which offers really beautiful items that are both general and fandom-based.

7. Bookish Jewelry

Some people like being a bit more subtle, but still want to show off their book-loving pride. Jewelry can be the perfect way to do that and have some bling! The World Of Fandom offers a great selection! From a New Leaf also makes necklaces you can add any book cover to. These gifts are personal and perfect for your bookworm.

8. Bookish Prints

This can be a really good last-minute gift. These are little pieces of art you can frame and hang around your desk or bookshelf. A lot of them can be downloaded and printed so if you need a last-minute gift, these can be an easy fix. If you want it to be really nice, you can get it printed at a Walgreens or CVS and they typically have frames as well. These are really beautiful and BookUtopiaDesigns has a lot of great options.

9. Bookish Box Subscription

Subscription boxes are really popular right now and are the gift that keeps on giving. You can subscribe to one of these boxes for different periods and the person will receive a box full of bookish items once a month. These also tend to be pricey but the products inside always end up being worth way more than the cost of the boxes. These are fun and a great thing to look forward to every month. The Bookish Box has a lot of options for different boxes!

10. Book Review-Journal

Remember that one book I read that one time about that one thing? Yes, that’s how it goes when you try to remember one of the 60 books you read three years ago. This is so frustrating! Sometimes, you also forget what you thought about the book or if you even liked it. The most socially awkward moment is when someone is telling me they are about to read a book and I tell them I have too. They then ask the obvious what did I think. What did I think? I read the whole thing in one day four years ago and read another right after and I have since lumped the two books together and have no idea what either is about. That is just a long-winded way to say it’s hard to remember every book you read. That’s why these journals are the perfect gift! You can rate each book and write little summaries you can look back on and remember everything! Yellow Paper House makes a travel-sized one that has perfect categories and star ratings. For the more tech-based people in your life, Pretty Mess Planning makes a beautiful digital journal!

These are my 10 bookish gift ideas! Let me know in the comments if you plan to give/receive any of these gifts this holiday season! Make sure to like so I know to make this kind of content in the future! Also, subscribe to get updates! I post (almost) every week and would love to make you a part of the morally gray family!

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