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Editorial Services

Manuscript Critique

0.001 per word

This typically comes right before your first edit but can be done at any time in the editing process. With a manuscript critique, I will provide general feedback on things such as reader expectations, plot holes, character development, and more. It includes an overview of the reading experience and how I perceived the book as a reader. Sensitivity reading can be included upon request.

Developmental Editing

0.0091 per word

A developmental edit looks at the big picture. This edit addresses things like plot inconsistencies, character arcs, pacing, and genre expectations. With this service, I provide an in-depth look at your manuscript and offer concrete solutions. Developmental editing also provides in-line suggestions and edits that target more specific issues in the manuscript. 

Line Editing

0.008 per word

This service focuses on the language used in your manuscript. It's meant to polish your writing and make sure each sentence is as effective as possible. It assesses word choice, sentence flow, and tone based on your writing style. I also look for repetition, overuse of clichés, and clarifying plot as it has to do with language.

Payment plan offered on all services!

What's included?

Get a discount when you bundle developmental editing and line editing!

What Authors Are Saying...

Katie Skye

Author of Keep to the Passageways

Lexie was amazing to work with. Her feedback was exactly what I needed, and she made sure I understood why certain things were done and what areas needed more clarification. She communicated every step of the way so there was no confusion along the way, which I always appreciate! I highly recommend her services. I can't wait to work with her again!

What I Edit

To make an edit effective, it's important for the editor to have a vast knowledge of the genre. I only accept works I have a lot of experience working with in order to offer the best services. 

​I am currently accepting:

  • Romance and all subgenres

  • Fantasy with a romance element

  • Sci-fi with a romance element

  • YA with a romance element

  • LGBTQIA+ fiction

  • Women's fiction

​I am not accepting:

  • Non-fiction

  • Spiritual/ inspirational

  • Poetry

I do not have any triggers!

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