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Welcome to Morally Gray Author Services. where passion meets professionalism, and every page has a sprinkle of magic*.

*Pixie dust (unfortunately) not included

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Sabrina Day

Author of the Fleeing Fate (the Hidden Omeagas Series)

Before Lexie I was overwhelmed trying to find time in the day to keep up with my internal author admin work and maintain and grow my outward-facing author brand on social media sites. Once Lexie took me under her wing, I was able to focus on the parts of being an author I’m passionate about, namely writing! Lexie is the calm to my chaotic storm and there’s nothing I’ve thrown at her that she hasn’t been able to handle, often much better than I could!

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My name is Lexie Eldridge

I'm an avid romance reader with a passion for bringing stories to life!

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