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Manuscript Critique

0.001 per word

This typically comes right before your first edit but can be done at any time in the editing process. With a manuscript critique, I will provide general feedback on things such as reader expectations, plot holes, character development, and an overview of tone and pacing. It's similar to a beta read but provides professional feedback and sensitivity reading. 

Developmental Editing

0.01 per word

This is typically the first step in the editing process. A developmental edit looks at the big picture. This edit addresses things like plot inconsistencies, character arcs, pacing, and genre expectations. With this service, I provide an in-depth look at your manuscript and offer concrete soloutions.

What's included?

I offer payment plans for all services!

What I Edit

To make an edit effective, it's important for the editor to have a vast knowledge of the genre. I only accept works I have a lot of experience working with in order to offer the best services. 

​I am currently accepting:

  • Romance and all subgenres

  • Fantasy with a romance element

  • Sci-fi with a romance element

  • YA with a romance element

  • LGBTQIA+ fiction

  • Women's fiction

​I am not accepting:

  • Non-fiction

  • Western

  • Spiritual/ inspirational

  • Poetry

I do not have any triggers!


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